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North Hollywood, CA is no stranger to sudden temperature changes during the year. From feeling freezing cold during the winter months to feeling like the sun is right next to you in the summer months. When your home is experiencing these temperature changes it’s most important to have a working HVAC unit. Having an air conditioning & heating system in your home allows you to control the temperature without frustration.

Lions Heating & Air has the best air conditioning & heating repair in North Hollywood, CA. As a company, Lions HVAC has been lucky enough to service HVAC units throughout North Hollywood, CA since 2015! We are proud to have built trust with our customers in the community.

With just a simple phone call one of our expert technicians is sent your way to resolve the issue. Keeping your commercial or residential building cool during the summer and warm in the winter is our highest priority! Trust our service for Air Conditioning & Heating Repair in North Hollywood, CA.